2024 || Vol-8 || Issue-1


Khejri tree, a boon for Thar Desert, India

Sanjeet Kumar and Purushottam Kumar Deroliya


Ethnobotanical inventory and medicinal potential of mangrove flora in the Sundarbans, West Bengal, India

Binod Saradar, Sudhamoy Mandal and Sanjeet Kumar

Eragrostis mukhraniae nom. nov., a replacement name for E. rigida A.Camus (Poaceae)

Rajeev Kumar Singh and Sanjeet Kumar

Two replacement names and lectotypifications in Ditassa and Gonolobus (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae)

Rajeev Kumar Singh and Sanjeet Kumar

Documentation of flora and fauna through celebration of ecological days: A case study on World Wetlands Day at Mahanadi River areas

Rajkumari Supriya Devi , Subhalakshmi Rout , Sweta Mishra, Sugimani Marndi and Nibedita Jena

Allophylus liogierii nom. nov., a replacement name for A. montanus Alain (Sapindaceae)

Rajeev Kumar Singh and Sanjeet Kumar

Minor Forest Produces (MFPs) of Jamtara Forest Division, Jharkhand, India

Bankar Ajinkya Devidas , Sweta Mishra and Sanjeet Kumar

Lectotypification of three names in Aeschynomene (Fabaceae), a new species from Odisha, India and a new combination in Ctenodon

Rajkumari Supriya Devi , Sanjeet Kumar and Rajeev Kumar Singh

Lectotypifications and two replacement names in Pilea (Urticaceae)

Rajeev Kumar Singh , Purushottam Kumar Deroliya and Sanjeet Kumar

Some common native medicinal plants used by tribals in Odisha, India

Nibedita Jena and Rajkumari Supriya Devi

Nomenclatural novelties in Combretum (Combretaceae) from Madagascar

Rajeev Kumar Singh and Sanjeet Kumar

Phoenix lallani R. Kr. Singh, a replacement name for Phoenix andamanensis S. Barrow (Arecaceae)

Rajeev Kumar Singh