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Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation covers the areas of medicinal plants, its Biodiversity & conservation, plant Sciences & Botany, plant taxonomy, ecology & evolution, behaviour & systematics, forestry, ethno-botany, ethno-pharmacology, pharmacognosy, bioactive compounds, primary and secondary metabolites, interrelation of medicinal plants with associating flora and fauna, medicinal plants correlation with the ecosystem, validation of traditional knowledge claims of wild medicinal plants, propagation methods of medicinal plants and other relevant topics of conservation biology that have a direct or substantial impact on the knowledge, distribution, status, threats, and conservation of native flora and fauna.

Nature of Manuscripts

  1. Abstract should not exceed 400 words.
  2. Manuscript should be in MS Word format in single space.
  3. The manuscript must provide an appropriate title and 4-6 keywords.
  4. The complete manuscript should not exceed 15 pages. Tables (if not for the present study must provide the references).
  5. The photographs if provided should be original or hand illustrated.
  6. It should be short & informative typed in only first letter of the first word capital. Latin names are to be given in italics.
  7. Names of authors to be typed in first letters capital separated by commas and ‘and’ before the last author.
  8. Authors must provide address of the institution (s) where the work has been carried out.
  9. Author for correspondence should be indicated with an asterisk (*) and email should be provided for the same.

Format of citation in text

  1. Ram et al., 2010
  2. Ram and Kumar 2010
  3. Sharma 2010

Reference style

Review & Research Papers

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Proceeding of Conference

Singh PK and Verma AK. Traditional Knowledge of Northeast India, In: APRF sponsored National Seminar on Ethnobotany, 7-8th January, 2021. Ambika Prasad Research Foundation, Odisha, India